Review of Metabolic Fire by Sherpa Formulas

Metabolic Fire BottleMetabolic Fire is a supplement that was made to help burn fat. It combines 7 ingredients that have proven themselves to be effective at burning off fat in a number of different ways. This supplement is sold through Sherpa and formulated by Dr. Raffelock, and it is backed by a full guarantee for effectiveness.


There are 7 all-natural ingredients included in this supplement. The ingredients work together to boost metabolism, increase sensitivity to certain hormones, and reduce cortisol. Some of them you have probably heard of before, while others may be less known.

  1. Forskolin: This is a natural ingredient that is important for proper biological response of cells to hormones, and has been shown to help reduce fat.
  2. Chromium Picolinate: This ingredient has been shown to help reduce insulin resistance, which promotes less insulin being produced overall and more fat burn.
  3. Cinnamon: A common ingredient in fat loss supplements, it helps to reduce insulin resistance by reducing blood sugar.
  4. Irvingia Garbonesis: This is a natural appetite suppressant extracted from African mango seeds. If you have leptin resistance, where your brain does not get the message you are full, then this ingredient can help your brain to hear the message clearer.
  5. Green Tea Extract: Well known for its ability to speed up metabolism and burn off more calories and fat.
  6. Rhodiola Rosea: This ingredient has been shown to support mood and have an antidepressant effect on the body. This can help to lower cortisol, which is a hormone that promotes fat to stay on the body.
  7. Green Coffee Bean Extract: You have probably heard about this having fat burning properties – and it does. It helps to block sugars from being absorbed into the body, which lowers how much insulin is produced and how much fat is stored.

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Pricing & Discounts

Considering that Metabolic Fire has 7 natural and powerful ingredients in it, the price is extremely fair.

  • 1 bottle is $97
  • 3 bottles is $59 per bottle
  • 6 bottles is $54 per bottle

pricing If you have a lot of weight to lose, and feel as though you may be buying bottles in the future, then 6 bottles is your best option as you save 44%.


  • Start losing stubborn fat that has been hanging on because of a poor metabolism or hormones that are not working optimally
  • All 7 ingredients are natural, proven, and safe
  • Will not find this formulation anywhere else
  • Formula created by a doctor who has been working with holistic medicine since 1977
  • Supplied by Natural Health Sherpa, which is a well-known advocate of exposing the truth behind holistic remedies
  • Get more energy as your body uses fat the way it should be used
  • Combine with diet and exercise and experience results like never before
  • Affordable product

Negatives / Complaints

The supplement needs to be complemented with a diet and exercise program for maximum results. You cannot overeat, or eat constant unhealthy food, and expect the supplement to undue all of that unhealthy behavior.

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Where To Buy Metabolic Fire

You can only get this natural fat-burning supplement from its website. They have not made it available on any other online store yet, so simply head over to the website and make your purchase from them. The beauty is that you can get more than one bottle at discounted prices, which you would not be able to do at other stores or from online dealers. Plus, you can phone them and ask them directly about the product before you buy it, which helps to give you peace of mind.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee for the product. While the rules are clear, you may want to contact them first to find out if you will qualify for the money-back guarantee if you are worried about it.

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Who Should Buy?

Fat loss is hard when your body is working against you. No matter how much you diet, reduce fat intake, or exercise, you are not going to lose fat quickly if your body is getting the message to hold on to it. Fixing your metabolism and the hormones that play a part in fat gain, fat storage, and fat loss, are important if you want to lose the fat once and for all.

This Metabolic Fire review was meant to show you that natural ingredients found in this supplement can have a very positive influence on your metabolism and hormones. Getting the right ingredients in the right amount can absolutely boost your fat loss results very quickly, and the formulation found inside of Metabolic Fire is meant to do just that.

The bottom line is that this may be the tool you have been looking for to get the fat off once and for all. Because it is backed as being safe, natural, and effective, it is worth trying out.

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